Bret is a born creative problem-solver

A balance between artist and Technician

I have years of experience creating award winning work for major advertising clients and have been featured in Communication Arts, Graphis Photo Annual and Lurzers Archive. I bring all my experience to bear on every photo shoot I do, big or small.

I take my work very seriously, and delivering to you the best images possible is my mission.


Keen Eye

From the whole picture, to the tiniest of details, I take it all in, and then adjust (and adjust) to make the perfect images. Post production is a key part of the process and each image receives that same attention to detail.



I've produced images for clients as diverse as Rolex, American Express, IBM, Pepsi, Starbucks, Ford, DeBeers, Cartier and many others and now I'm working with some of the top producing real estate agents in the area.



Getting the image just right takes patience. Waiting for the right light, adjusting the smallest details, or moving the big ones out of the way, are all part of the process.



I love what I do. I am always creating new images, learning new techniques or processes, and integrating them into my workflow while thinking of ways to make what I do better.


Bret is my go to for photography! He is extremely talented and has a great eye for capturing the best angles, light and details in every interior and exterior shot! He carefully edits every image so that each frame tells the full story. His floor plans are invaluable and accurate! Bret’s drone photography is also a must have!
Bret is just a pleasure to work with!!

Joelle Malec