Let me produce the images you've only dreamt about.

This is my realm—I've navigated countless challenging scenarios and situations, refining my approach with unwavering patience and tenacity. I've mastered the art of managing even the most demanding clients and seamlessly morph into an impromptu therapist when circumstances demand. My interactions with both you and your clients are imbued with kindness and empathy—I understand that this experience can elicit fear or stress in homeowners. Sometimes it signifies an exciting new chapter, while at others, it's a bittersweet farewell. Regardless, I cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility, working collaboratively to craft captivating images that resonate with you and your clients, ultimately captivating buyers.

The ultimate satisfaction? Hearing a client exclaim, "your photo was the key to selling the house."

Irvington NY ©2023 bret wills

My approach



Depending on the size of the property and services required, our appointment could need from 90 minutes up to several hours to complete. We can assess this when you call to schedule.


Day Before

I'll confirm our appointment the day before and we can take appraisal of the weather forecast and discuss any last minute details.


Picture time

We'll take a walk-through together and address any concerns about the property. I like to do the floor plans first which gives me a chance to plan angles better before shooting.



I usually need 48 hours to deliver all aspects of the project, although it can be expedited on a case by case basis. I take a lot of extra care in the post processing phase which you'll see in the final product.


What should I do to get ready for a shoot?

Make sure the property is as decluttered as possible. Unnecessary decorations and personal items should be removed. Extraneous objects may look ok in person, but to the camera it will make the room seem busy and small. I like to start with all the lights on and shades and curtains open and adjust from there. I love pets, just not when I'm shooting, so please make sure they can be confined or out of the house.

What if it's forecast to be cloudy on our shoot day?

Harsh sunlight actually makes for less pleasing photos. I have a lot of control over the highlights and shadows, and very successful photos come from dull days. I do sky replacements when necessary and enhance the photos to make them bright and sunny even on a cloudy day!

How many pictures will I receive?

As many as required is the stock answer. I don't set arbitrary limits. If I see an exciting angle or scenario, I'm going to capture it.

What areas do you service?

I'm based in Westchester NY and routinely service Orange, Rockland, Putnam, and Dutchess, as well as most of NYC. In CT I do all of Fairfield County, and I service Northern NJ. Other areas such as Long Island or further distant spots are only on a per project basis. Feel free to ask.

Do you do other types photography?

I do all sorts of projects from lifestyle and fashion to still life for advertising clients.

Do you have a question?

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

When you hire me, you know you are getting my personal attention, my experience, my passion and my touch through every step of the job. With a 'photo mill' you may get lucky, but you'll never get the same results. I handle every aspect of your job, and if you ever have a question, you talk to me.

What's your workflow?

I shoot raw files and process them in Capture One Pro, which while requiring a lot of extra time to complete, it gives the ultimate control over the final product. After files are processed they go through photoshop and several other proprietary processes until all the secret sauce is served.