Bret has such an amazing eye for detail. He takes the time and effort to plan how he wants a house to look and he executes the plan every time! My clients have always been beyond pleased with the end results of Bret's work.
— Christine Pergolizzi
Bret is my go to for photography! He is extremely talented and has a great eye for capturing the best angles, light and details in every interior and exterior shot! He carefully edits every image so that each frame tells the full story. His floor plans are invaluable and accurate! Bret’s drone photography is also a must have!
Bret is just a pleasure to work with!!
— Joelle Malec
Working with Bret is an absolute delight. His meticulous attention to detail shines through in every shot, capturing the essence of every property with impeccable clarity. His commitment to perfection is evident not only in the final images but in his hands-on approach, willingly rearranging elements in a room to achieve the best shot. I highly recommend Bret Wills!
— Luke Broughton
Bret Wills is an outstanding talent, with a creative eye, exceptional technical abilities and deep experience in creating compelling photography. In our many years of collaboration, I've always felt confident that he was in-sync with my concepts, and was equally passionate in creating beautiful imagery that exceeds the client’s expectations.
— Shanley Jue
Bret is a dream to work with, fun, easy going, all the while being the stellar professional. Always paying attention to detail and truly giving the client what they want to walk away happy.
— Lori Watson
Bret is a pleasure to work with and a true creative collaborator. In an age where imagery is often cranked out in assembly-line fashion, he is a true artist—with none of the ego.
— Lisa Anselmo
As a successful agent, I know how important a great first impression is in today's real estate market. With Bret, my clients and I are guaranteed a fantastic photo session that gets results. Bret's attention to detail and artistic eye assure that my clients' homes are photographed and presented in the best way possible to highlight each home's assets and features. Photos are edited and presented to me quickly, allowing for a timely listing in today's quick-moving market. I highly recommend Bret.
— Dorothy Torpie